Between houses, jewelry and luxury cars, Sinaloan drug traffickers detained in Spain lived and operated |omnia

2022-06-15 15:07:36 By : Ms. Rose wu

The National Police of Spain released images of the way in which a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking, linked to Mexican cartels, lived.On Saturday, the Spanish police reported the arrest of 24 people and the seizure of a thousand marijuana buds and 37 kilos of cocaine, as well as weapons and luxury items worth more than six million euros.105 thousand 116 euros in cash, 17 vehicles and four homes valued at seven million euros were also insured and 20 bank accounts were blocked.The operation was carried out jointly with the Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency and the dismantling of two laboratories for the processing and distribution of the drug was achieved.In the video released by the Spanish police, you can see part of the luxury residences used by the detainees, bundles of money, as well as Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Cadillac, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and other vehicles. even a kind of plate that belonged to a Ferrari vehicle.The spokeswoman for the National Police, María Buyo, explained that the investigation began at the end of 2020, when the arrival in Madrid of several Mexican citizens, from Sinaloa, who quickly settled in different luxury homes, was detected.Soon after, the agents observed that the new arrivals began to work in large marijuana plantations located in the province of Guadalajara, where they received repeated visits from people linked to drug trafficking.The organization had a structure of companies in Spain, Colombia, Switzerland and Portugal to launder the money from its criminal activities.More than 200 agents participated in the operations, in the provinces of Madrid and Guadalajara, where in addition to the arrests, 13 searches were carried out.The Police identified a 'family clan' linked to Mexican cartels, which had brought more than ten million euros in cash and investment gold into the country in order to settle in Spain.Those under investigation began to buy dozens of luxury vehicles and acquire high-value homes, as well as to acquire several businesses and set up companies to channel the money obtained from the sale of drugs.They also bribed several officials to get them the documentation that would allow them to legally settle in the country.After having 60 tons of plants seized by the police, the organization invested in new cultivation systems based on the creation of containers with intelligent software that would allow them to obtain harvests in less than three months.Some of the Mexican members of the criminal group tried to acquire this business for a significant sum of money, although the police actions frustrated them.The Spanish investigators located several warehouses where marijuana, which had been grown in large greenhouses of more than 4,000 square meters, was vacuum-packed and distributed by different means to buyers, hiding it in false bottoms of tables and other furniture that they sent by mail. parcel.In addition, the organization used as "mules" people from South America, who introduced cocaine base in coffee packages.The detainees constantly changed homes, all luxury, and were engaged in the sale of jewelry and sports vehicles whose prices exceeded 500 thousand euros (more than 10 million Mexican pesos).In mid-May, the organization was disbanded.In the leader's home, a cocaine laboratory was found in the process of preparing more than 37 kilos of substance.In addition, eight inspections were carried out in the provinces of Madrid and Malaga.With media information-Judiciary: a difficult framework-Reform of the UACh, to other heights-Local Priism does not defend "Alito"-Issa and Soledad, budding cases-Grab back from JCL and MC-From the FFyL of the UACh, new ambassador in ColombiaWithout a doubt, one of the Achilles' heels of the current state administration is the road issue and all that this implies, not only in terms of engineering but also the corruption of the corporation's agents, regardless of the very serious case of the elements rapists and stalkers, where today there is a very delicate situation...The traffic lights continue to fail in Chihuahua, where on this day several of the main avenues have these signs not working, creating a real chaos and not to mention "rush hours", but another very serious element has also emerged: the complaint in networks and in testimonies that traffic elements at the exit to Aldama and in other sectors of the city are extorting the countrymen who visit us...Just by looking at the plates, they stop them and blackmail them, in fact there was already a case at the exit to Aldama, where agents detained some compatriots with Texas license plates, who practically kidnapped them until they were forced to give them 4 thousand pesos that asked for a thousand pesos for alleged road violations.Something very serious, with a lot of corruption, that is permeating not only in the testimonies and complaints, but mainly in that heart of free demonstrations, which are the so-called blessed social networks, a very delicate issue, such as had never existed in the crisis in terms of road, and which is not seen, except for the justification that the past was to blame, in the same style as the 4T, that there is a solution or that they begin to remedy the problem, well remember that in this area the Rule of law at the transit level is the closest in contact with citizens...It is contemplated that the beginning of the forums of the Special Commission for the comprehensive reform of the Constitution of Chihuahua will begin in Ciudad Juárez.It was learned that the agendas of the parliamentary groups have been complicated, since the coordinators themselves head the special reform commission.The beginning of the forums is contemplated on June 23 in Ciudad Juárez, so that through them the comprehensive initiative project can already be presented.