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Tiny or portable homes are on the rise as they offer smart storage options, custom features, natural light, are easy to move (many are mounted on dollies) – and like all things sustainable – are made of wood.Tiny Houses is an architectural concept that was established in the United States, but is now gaining ground around the world.CADAMDA – The Chamber of Wood explains the scope of this trend.Wood has become the construction material of the future, thanks to its unique characteristics: greater resistance to fire, sustainable, recyclable and insulating, as well as being full of innumerable designs, colors, tones and shapes that nature gives it.Today it is one of the materials most used by the constructive current of the already famous "Tiny Houses" (Tiny in English is tiny or very small), which aims to create spaces to build relationships, spend time with nature and have unique experiences. of life.Tiny Houses are small-scale primary housing units, usually between 30 and up to 60/70 square meters approximately.They can be fixed on the ground or placed on trailers for easy transfer, an essential condition for a nomadic life and where adventure draws the paths.It involves intelligent use of space and innovative technologies and is simply a portable home with a minimalist design.“It is indisputable that the world is moving towards the use of increasingly sustainable natural resources to guarantee future generations enjoy the same resources that are available today.Wood not only contributes to providing thermal efficiency by saving renewable and non-renewable energy, but also from the tree to becoming a wood product, it provides an environmental service to all humanity by producing oxygen and sequestering C02 that is stored in each product, whether they are racks , boards or machimbre for example”, said Daniel Lassalle, Manager of CADAMDA – The Chamber of Wood.Characteristics of the Tiny HousesThese types of houses come in a wide variety of styles, from a small log cabin in the woods, a luxury waterfront or even a shipping container with reused materials.They usually have a living room, a sleeping loft, a kitchen, and a bathroom.Some constructions include a roof terrace, an extendable gallery or deck to enjoy and extend the meters and an interior climbing wall that works as a ladder and pop-up windows for extra space.As for materials, they could be built with cedar or pine boards, old or reclaimed barn wood.“Wood is the only renewable, recyclable and reusable construction material and the use of energy to produce it is infinitely less than that of steel, bricks or cement.For all this, these modern constructive concepts have this material as the main one in all their buildings”.The average cost of a Tiny House is from $8,000 to $150,000, the price can vary depending on the amenities you choose to include.In Argentina, the approximate cost is 650 to 700 dollars per square meter.For example, the smallest Tiny Houses (17m2) – which is located on the Argentine coast – cost 6,000 dollars for its investment and included air conditioning, TV and hot water tank equipment.5 ideas to build a Tiny House with woodCADAMDA professionals share the most popular types and styles of this trending movement.These types of houses are an excellent option to create a resistant and durable portable dwelling.Logs are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to create a cute country-style project.Each element should suit a variety of uses, for example, the sofa table can act as a desk, provide extra seating for dining, add extra space for cooking preparation, or display books.It is a viable option because of its low cost and the amount of space it can provide.Also, both indoors and outdoors, excellent use can be made of reclaimed wood.Its rigid structures, architecture and design options are almost limitless.Rustic ranch wood siding used for the ceilings and exterior is combined with a gable roof system and wood frame construction to give it a classic mountain cabin look with a modern, airy feel.There are many different types of boats, including houseboats, converted ships and barges.While they are not mobile on land, you can easily move through a body of water if you want a change of scenery.The small space is perfect for those seeking easy living in an unconventional setting.Also known as the skoolie, this type of house has become popular DIY tiny house projects.Once the rows of seats are taken out, you can be left with a house with plenty of room for design.A school bus lets in plenty of natural light as the walls are lined with windows.More at www.maderayconstruccion.com.arwww.cadamda.org.ar // www.facebook.com/cadamdaJournalist.Editor marcelafitipaldi.com.ar.Former editor Claudia Magazine, Telva Spain Magazine, La Nación Newspaper, Profile Newspaper and women's magazines of the editorialYour email address will not be published.Required fields are marked with *Yes, add me to your mailing list.This site uses Akismet to 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